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The Working Wood Series of Books & DVDs

Working Wood 3: The Cabinet Maker's Workshop with Simon James

  • New for December 2014
  • Cabinet Making series with a great array of shop made jigs and devices; learning the set up and use of many specialist tools, and developing a range of new woodworking skills and techniques

"I guarantee that when you reach the end of this book you will come away with a head packed full of ideas and techniques that will allow you to work faster, more accurately and to achieve your goals" - Phil Edwards, Plane Maker

Working Wood 1&2 with Paul Sellers

  • Paul’s inspirational teaching is now available in a comprehensive book and accompanying DVDs.
  • A complete foundation and development course in hand tool woodworking 

“Paul has the fantastic ability to distill decades of experience down to the very essence of woodworking... Working Wood represents the very best of what a Master Woodworker can offer. It will provide years of joy and a real connection to our human history, present and future.” - Craig Milroy, Senior Lecturer in Design and Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

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