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Become a Master Craftsman with Paul Sellers

Paul Sellers’ proven step-by-step curriculum has trained over 3,000 woodworkers worldwide. Developed across four decades at the workbench, his inspirational teaching is now available in a comprehensive book and accompanying DVDs.

  • Perfect for beginners just starting out
  • Invaluable for advanced woodworkers to futher develop their skills and knowledge
  • A complete foundation and development course in hand tool woodworking 

Experience the great pleasure that comes from truly mastering your craft.

“Paul has the fantastic ability to distill decades of experience down to the very essence of woodworking... 
Working Wood represents the very best of what a Master Woodworker can offer. It will provide years of joy and a real connection to our human history, present and future.” - Craig Milroy, Senior Lecturer in Design and Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

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