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About Us

Artisan Media are a small independent production and publishing company based in North Wales and South West England. Our specialism and passion is Heritage Crafts, and we in the process of developing a wide range of films and books about woodworking and other crafts. The aim is to inspire creativity!


Who are we?

Dave and Lynwen Brown come from the film and TV industries and they have amassed a long list of international awards over the years.

Justyn Jones is former environment correspondent for ITN and has been making international award winning-broadcast documentaries and films for clients for 20 years. 

Simon James is a builder, a teacher, an engineer, and also quite an accomplished craftsman.  Gemma Jones is the one who holds Artisan Media together and deals with all the admin.


We have teamed up with a range of Master Craftsmen including, Paul Sellers, with whom we produce the first Working Wood series of DVDs and Book. Paul has successfully trained over 3,000 woodworkers of all skill levels. The course, developed over four decades at the workbench, is his proven step-by-step course in the craft of hand tool woodworking for everyone. View the full product range


We are based in the UK, but we are also in the USA - where we print our books and manufacture the DVDs. We also have a fulfilment centre in NY state, so all North American orders are despatched fast.